Umatilla County Potato Show


1927 Weston Boy’s Potato Club participating in Weston Potato Show.Photo from: Oregon State University Extension Service: Umatilla County.

The Annual Umatilla County Potato Show was started in 1921 as a way to show off the variety of crops that could be profitably produced on the land in Umatilla County and to encourage diversification.  The Umatilla County Potato Show was started by the Weston Mountain Potato Growers Association. It became an annual event, with area growers competing for prizes with the many varieties of table and seed potatoes.

Farming is no longer what it was in 1921, but the Umatilla County Potato Show continues to be held in October of each year.

It still features locally grown produce – both fresh and canned – but it has been expanded more of a local arts and crafts fair.  The show now includes handiwork such as quilts, paintings, photography, and baked goods which are all exhibited at the Memorial Hall.

The event is now more of a community gathering of exhibits, sales of baked goods, fund raising, and more.  Vendors set up around the hall displaying crafts and other items for sale to visitors to the annual event.


1924 seed potato demonstration, Weston.Photo From: Oregon State University Extension Service: Umatilla County

Weston Public Library’s Friends of the Weston Library hold their annual book sale in the basement of the building.  This is the main fund raiser for the friends group.

An “everything potato” lunch is served in the basement which is a popular part of the annual show. Proceeds have gone towards rehabilitation of the Isham Saling House, an historic building in Weston.

The annual show is held the Saturday before Halloween each year.  Admission is free.  If you are looking for a family-oriented activity for the entire family, this is a perfect event to attend.  The fun part of the event is a chance for locals to meet up with friends and family to catch up on what’s new before winter weather sets in.

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