Weston, Oregon — Gateway to the Beautiful Blue Mountains!

Situated along the banks of Pine Creek, Weston, Oregon is the second oldest town in Umatilla County.

The historic town is nestled at the foot of Weston Mountain and lies in the heart of the county’s farming community.

Founded in 1865, the City of Weston, Oregon was incorporated on October 19, 1878 and can claim to be the oldest city in Umatilla County that has not been renamed or relocated.

Umatilla Landing was the first to be incorporated in the county but was renamed and relocated. Weston was the second city to be incorporated in Umatilla County, followed by Pendleton in 1880.

From the view on top of Weston Mountain overlooking the Walla Walla Valley, to the commanding view of the Blue Mountains, Weston continues to offer the true Oregon Trail Pioneer hospitality to its visitors.

This site is a community-wide project to provide online visitors an opportunity to learn more about the Weston, Oregon Community. We hope that you enjoy your visit!

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